When a fault occurs on the electrical power system, fast and reliable protection means everything. If a circuit breaker or relay or a transformer fails to clear the fault at that critical moment, the resulting damage can be disastrous in terms of both personnel injury and equipment damage.

For these reasons and more, it’s essential that circuit breakers, protection Relay & Transformers have to be tested to ensure proper operation during electrical faults

Medium Voltage Breakers Testing
• Circuit breaker contact resistance measurements
• Circuit breaker opening and closing timing measurements
• Testing The synchronization of the three poles of the breakers

Protection Relay Testing
• Function test and characteristic curve validation
• Calibration, secondary and / or primary injection

Power Transformer Testing
• Turns ration and voltage ratio testing at different taps
• Winding resistance measurements
• Winding insulation testing
• Oil Dielectric strength testing up to 60 KV
• Oil acidity testing