Low Voltage Drives & Spare Parts
(ABB – Siemens)

Control & Automation Products (DCS – SCADA – PLC)
(ABB – Siemens – Allan Bradley)
Our scope includes the supply, engineering, programming, Factory Testing, Commissioning and Training for PLC, Scada & DCS systems

Low Voltage AC, DC & Explosion Proof Motors
(ABB – Siemens – Fimet – T-T Electric)

Medium Voltage Motors
(Birr Machines – Switzerland)
Birr Machines acquired ABB MV motors Factory in Switzerland, which produces all types of MV & DC motors since 1891.

Geared Motors
(Flender – Nord – Rossi – Bonfiglioli)

Low Voltage Soft Starters
(ABB – Siemens – Schneider)

Spare parts for Medium Voltage Drives
(ABB – Siemens)

Spare parts for Medium Voltage Drives
(ABB – Siemens)

Carbon Brushes & Brush Holders for Medium Voltage
Slip Ring & DC Motors

(ABB – Birr Machines – Siemens)