The retrofit Service is the replacement of the old MV Circuit breakers, Low Voltage Circuit Breaker & Protection Relays with the new updated parts and equipment

Reasons to Retrofit Business

• Breakers are very old exceeding life time
• Existing Breaker type is old (Oil , Vacuum & SF6)
• Spare parts are difficult to be sources and very expensive
• Experience Staff for maintenance are not available

Customer benefits

• Extension life time of the substation
• Minimum Breakdown for the service
• Availability of Spare parts
• Decreasing Service Cost

These services are mainly focusing on:-

• Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers
• Medium Voltage Switchgear panels
• Low Voltage circuit breakers

The retrofit service activities include the following: –

• Site Survey and inspection of the old equipment
• Design of the new equipment
• Manufacturing of the new parts
• Installation, testing and commissioning