Micron was established in 2009 based on gaining an experience of 20 years in working in ABB Egypt and Africa in different industrial sectors. Micron is a leading Company in the field of Electric Power, Instrumentation, Automation and Mechanical Products. Over time Micron is becoming an important supplier and service provider of Power & Automation Products for various process industries, Furthermore, Micron continuously carries out new research and technical proposals in conjunction with important clients, providing technical support to meet their specific needs. Flexibility and short delivery time have become pillars to MICRON’s company policy.

Micron offers industrial plants an integrated set of services tailored solutions to reduce the total procurement cost of operating maintenance and repair parts while meeting the highest standards of performance.

Process Industries demand comprises a daily changing mix of maintenance and repair needs for stockroom reorder, emergency parts, high-quality wear parts, scheduled maintenance projects and spot buys of rarely used items.

Micron service takes title to this maintenance programs and set flow plan from order until delivery. Parts from international OEMs are gathered at our consolidation warehouse and made ready for export, overseas transportation and import country handling.

Micron is committed to help Process Industries to save time and money when purchasing original spare parts by gaining more thorough understanding of business model, process requirements and purchasing plans.

Industrial Solutions for Industries Process

Single Source Supplier

Micron dedicated engineering & service teams work close with our clients to ensure that the solutions put in place meets the specific needs and requirements. Our experience and success over the years has made us leader in the process plants helps them to reduce purchasing costs & logistics, increase productivity & improve quality

Where we are

Headquartered in Egypt which is unique location in the heart of the Middle East & Africa so we can provide technically advanced products combined with our solid field service, committed to providing prompt and reliable support.

Our office in Germany where we are closing to the main international manufacturers and import the equipment & products from the International OEMs to our clients directly.


Improve performance: Micron helps customers to improve their operating performance, maintenance cost, process reliability and productivity whilst saving energy and lowering environmental impact.

Drive innovation: Innovation and quality are key characteristics of our products, systems and service offering.

Attract Talent: Micron is committed to attracting and retaining dedicated and skilled staff and offering employees an attractive & work environment.


As one of the leading companies, we help our customers to use electrical power efficiently, to increase industrial productivity and to lower environmental impact in a sustainable way. Power and productivity for a better world


To continuously improve efficiency of all the products that we offer, systems and services, and publish this information in environmental product declarations

To share the most advanced and eco-efficient technologies with our customers.

To apply our resources to common efforts that foster economic, environmental, social and educational development

To use our communications resources to raise awareness of sustainability matters, particularly among our own employees


Micron is committed to fostering a culture where integrity is woven into the fabric of everything we do. We want integrity embedded in our people, our businesses and processes. This means acting responsibly as individuals and as a company.

When you work with integrity, non-compliant behavior is simply not an option.
We are committed to a high standard of integrity which is expected of every employee and in every country where we do business.

The success of our customers is key to Micron’s success.