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Micron was established in 2009 based on a team who gained experience of 20 years working in ABB Egypt and Africa in different industrial sectors.

Micron is a leading Company in the field of Electric Power, Instrumentation, Automation, and Mechanical Products.

Over time, Micron is became an important supplier and service provider of Power & Automation Products for various process industries.

Micron continuously carries out new research and technical proposals in conjunction with important clients, providing technical support to meet their specific needs. Flexibility and short delivery time have become pillars to MICRON’s company policy.

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Member of

Egyptian Trade Chamber

German-Arab Chamber of Commerce

Italian Chamber of Commerce

French Chamber of Commerce


Instrumentation Products
Control, Motors & Drives Products
Automation Products
(Sensors – Photocells – Encoders – Load Cells)
Transformers (Power – Distribution -Oil Immersed – Dry Type -Rectifer -Furnace – Reactors)
Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Switchgears
UPS , Batteries & Battery Chargers

Mechanical Products

Products for Melting Furnces in Steel Industry


(1) Installation & Commissioning

Full installation service for power products like:

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Power distribution transformers
  • Bus Ducts and Bus Ties
  • Cables and Cable trays
  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels
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(2) Corrective Services

The corrective services are applied to the following equipment:

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Power distribution transformers
  • Bus Ducts and Bus Junctions
  • Cables and Terminations
  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels
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(3) Preventive Services
The Preventive services are applied to the following equipment:

  • Medium Voltage Switch gears
  • Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Protection Relays
  • Power Transformers
  • Low Voltage Panels
  • Power Factor Correction Panels
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(4) Retrofit Services

The retrofit Service is the replacement of the old MV Circuit breakers, Low Voltage Circuit Breaker & Protection Relays with the new updated parts and equipment

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(5) Testing
It’s essential that circuit breakers, protection Relay & Transformers have to be tested to ensure proper operation during electrical faults:

  • Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers Testing
  • Protection Relays Testing
  • Power Transformers Testing
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(6) Spare Parts

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear Spare Parts
  • Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers Spare Parts
  • Low Voltage Panels Spare Parts
  • Power Transformers Spare Parts
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(7) MV Machine Services

  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Generators AC / DC
  • DC Motors
  • Slip Ring Motors
  • Traction Motors
  • EX Motors
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